Business Practice

We engage in protection and exploitation of intellectual property in the various field such as chemical, mechanical, electric, civil engineering.

Ratio of domestic and foreign clients in each field

Chemical field: 40% of domestic clients, 60% of foreign clients
Mechanical field: 90% of domestic clients, 10% of foreign clients
Electric field: 100% of domestic clients
Trademark and Design: 70% of domestic clients, 30% of foreign clients

Size of Client Company

We are handling wide range of cases from large corporations, small and medium size enterprises to individual applicants. For small and medium size enterprises that do not have intellectual property department, individual applicants, we are giving guidance to utilize Intellectual Property System.

Especially, as to foreign application cases, we have long and considerable experience as an IP agent.

Current Handling Business Field

Patent, Utility Model

High polymer chemistry, Agricultural chemicals, Films, Automobiles, Civil engineering, Amusement machines, Architecture, Dairy necessities, etc.

Trademark, Design

Pharmaceuticals, Lighting apparatus, Chemicals, Food products, Japanese SAKE, Measuring machines, etc.

Consultation on act of unfair competition, copyright and others

Consultation on contract relating to intellectual property

Procedural Flow from Foreign Client

Decision on invention, trademark, and conducting communication by e-mail or post mail for analysis
<As to patent, we confirm specification in English or other languages, drawings, priority claim, applicant and others>
<As to trademark, we confirm the use of the mark, appropriate class designation, and judge distinctiveness of the mark>
Presentation of our estimate for the procedural cost
Confirmation on the cost (For the first case, we adopt initial payment system)
Prior Art or Prior Mark Search: Especially, as to trademark, we recommend conducting a search.
Report on the outcome of the Search
Contents Confirmation by the Client
Commence Filing Procedures