Welcome to Tashiro & Etoh Patent Bureau

Tashiro & Etoh Patent Bureau was founded in 1948, having a long-established history of about 65 years as an Intellectual Property Law Firm located in Tokyo, Japan. On October 1, 2012, we changed our Japanese firm name to Sakae International Patent Bureau. However, our English firm name, Tashiro & Etoh Patent Bureau, internal organization and contact details remain unchanged.
We make continuous efforts for further enhancing the quality of our IP services, aiming to provide our clients throughout the world with prompt, precise, cost-effective, professional advices and full supports for securing and protecting clients’ intellectual property rights.


We always welcome inquiries or consultation requests related to IP rights such as Inventions, Trademarks, Designs, etc. If you have an interest in filing and registering IP rights in Japan or overseas, even if not having experience in this field, please feel free to contact us.

  • Consultation regarding your invention always available
  • Weekly seminar on U.S. Patent Law by U.S. Attorney at Law
  • Workshop on how to write a patent specification every one and a half months