Patent Attorneys

President, Patent Attorney: Toshiaki ETOH (Japanese Patent Attorney Reg. No.10035)

History of Committee Services
Since 1990 :Mr. Etoh has served on various committees of Japan Patent Attorneys Association
From 2000 to 2006 :Researcher of the Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property Of Japan Patent Attorneys Association
2007 :Chairperson of Patent Committee of Japan Patent Attorneys Association
2009 :Executive director of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (In charge of Patent Committee)
2010 :Same as above
2012 :Vice President of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (In charge of Patent Committee, Design Committee, etc.)

Intellectual Property Dictionary (co-writing) published by Sanseido in 2001
Heisei Patent Law Handbook (Editor and Writer) published by Sanseido in 2004

Thesises (Only in Japanese)
Tetrabiblos on the Essence of the Invention

Part 1 (1991) Application of Doctrine of Equivalents as to functional expression claim

Part 2 (2002) What is “the essential part”, the first Requirement of application of Doctrine of Equivalents

Part 3 (2004) What is the best claim (difference from indistinct claim)

Part 4 (2006) Size of Claim, Contribution Ratio and Damage

Lecturer Record
From 2002 to 2005 Lecturer on Intellectual Property Right in the Department of Science and Engineering at Meiji University

Since 2011 : Lecturer on Intellectual Property Right in the Department of Law at Meiji University (Intellectual Property Seminar)

Patent attorneys

Akiko Kurawaki

Registration No.16710
Specialties : Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical chemistry, Machines(Vehicles)
Educational background : Chemistry, Linguistics

Shuhei Takahashi

Registration No.16483
Specialties : Chemistry, Medical Science, Machines, Civil engineering
Educational background : Chemistry, Pharmacy
Other qualification : Pharmacist

Tomoko Nagai

Registration No.18812
Specialties : Chemistry, Environmental Science, Semiconductor device
Educational background : Agricultural Chemistry

Osamu Yamaguchi

Registration No.19413
Specialties : Chemistry, Foods, Feeds, Machines
Educational background : Agricultural Science

Minako Watanabe

Registration No.19693
Specialties : Trademark law, Design law, Copyright law, Unfair competition prevention law
Educational background : Laws

One Advisory patent attorney (U.S. attorney at law)