Message from the President


Coexistence and development with AI

Technology never stops developing, from steam engines, various industrial machines, electronics and computers, to the world of AI. The relationship between this AI and the world of intellectual property is likely to become closer in the future. Currently, there are three fields between the two.

(1) First, the field of ‘AI-related inventions’, which includes the field of ‘AI core inventions’, where the AI itself is developed and improved, and ‘AI use inventions’, where the created AI is used as part of the invention.

(2) Then there is the field of how to deal with the results (e.g. inventions and works of authorship such as songs, novels, scenarios, paintings, etc.) created by autonomous AI activity.
(AI autonomous creative activity is a real thing already.)

(3) And then there is the field of how inventors and IP professionals can make use of AI.
The field (1) is an extension of the already existing “computer-related inventions”, but the field (2) is a new field that has never existed before, and I believe that the time has come to test how humans will cope with it.
In field (3), the way we work will change, and it is important to be proactive in utilizing AI, rather than fearful of it. In human history, machines and computers have coexisted with and assisted humans, and I believe we can build such a relationship with AI. And I also expect that the world of intellectual property will develop dramatically with AI, and that this will lead to human happiness.

Tashiro & Etoh Patent Bureau
President, Patent Attorney,
Toshiaki Etoh