Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Tashiro & Etoh Patent Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “our firm”) will handle the personal information provided by customers who contact us through this website and applicants for employment, and will comply with the following guidelines regarding the protection of personal information. We will comply with laws, other related laws and regulations, and the guidelines of the competent minister, and take appropriate measures for safety management.

Private information use purpose

In respect of the private information provided by our clients, this is only used to provide the best possible service to our clients and within the minimum scope required for our firm to conduct its business.
Further at the time a potential client makes an application for service, where a different use purpose has been expressed, the private information will only be used in accordance with that purpose.

Prohibition against disclosing or providing private information to a third party

Our firm, unless one (1) of the items stated below applies, shall appropriately manage the private information received from a client, and shall not disclose that private information to any third party.

  • Where consented to by a client.
  • Where disclosure is required under any applicable law, regulation, ordinance, etc

Private information safety strategies

Our firm to ensure that private information is appropriately and safely managed, stored and kept, has implemented a full range of security measures.

Disclosure of and revisions to private information

Where a client requests that the private information it has provided be referenced, corrected, deleted or similar, our firm upon confirmation with the concerned client will comply with that request.

Ongoing improvements

Our firm, in order to ensure the full implementation of this policy, continues to engage in activities to improve our systems, etc. This private information protection policy is consistently under review to make all improvements as required.

Inquiry desk

For inquiries concerning our firm’s private information protection policy, please contact us as stated below.

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